Round Tapered Fiberglass Anchor Base Light Pole
Round Tapered Fiberglass Anchor Base Light Pole with Anchor Bolts
Round Tapered Fiberglass Anchor Base Light Pole - Full Pole
Round Tapered Fiberglass Anchor Base Light Pole - Anchor Base Detail

Round Tapered Fiberglass Anchor Base Light Poles

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Ability to handle environmental conditions of American shorelines.

High Wind Zones

Engineered structural options for 180 mph wind zones.

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Part Number Matrix


Product Family Design Length   Thickness Anchor Bolts Finish Type Painted Color Fixture Mounting
AL = NAFCO® RTFA = Round Tapered Fiberglass Anchor Base 18-40 = 18-40’ 0000 SD = Standard Duty AB = Includes Anchor Bolts SM = Smooth MB = Medium Bronze PC = Cap Only, No Side Drilling
  C = Custom   ID = Intermediate Duty LAB = Less Anchor Bolts NA = Natural GR = Gray D1 = Drill Single
    HD = Heavy Duty C = Custom   BK = Black D2 = Drill 2@180
    ED = Extra Duty WH = White D3 = Drill 3@120
    GN = Green D4 = Drill 4@90
  RAL = Custom RAL Match D5 = Drill 2@90
  C = Custom D6 = Drill 3@90
    P2 = 2.375” OD x 3.75” Long Tenon
  P5 = 2.88” OD x 4” Long Tenon
  PD = Custom Tenon Size
  P9 = Custom Size Tenon

Options & Accessories

Option Option Accessories
SPL = Special Cut Length (Please Specify) FST = Festoon Provision, Electrical by Others
(Specify Pole Height & Orientation)
STAMP = Engineering Services,
Signed & Sealed Calcs
BCSPCL = Special Base Plate to Match Existing Bolt Circle
(May Add to Production Lead Time, May Require Special Base Cover)
EHH = Additional Hand Hole Opening w/ Cover Assembly
(Specify Pole Height & Orientation)
PRE063 = Pre-Ship Anchor Bolts -
0.625” x 16” x 2”
    PRE750 = Pre-Ship Anchor Bolts -
0.75” x 17” x 3”
    PRE100 = Pre-Ship Anchor Bolts -
1” x 36” x 4”
    PRE125 = Pre-Ship Anchor Bolts -
1.25” x 42” x 6”

Note: Please consult factory or your sales representative to verify options and accessories will work with your light pole part number.
Note: Custom products, configurations, options, and accessories available from factory.

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