Our proprietary LED amber board technology provides the following benefits:

  • Light wavelengths above 560 nm 
  • 50-80% energy savings vs alternative turtle-friendly options
  • True amber diodes, not filters

WiLL's amber technology aligns with the criteria set forth by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Wildlife Lighting Certification Program and is available in a wide range of WiLL’s high-output LED fixtures.

Based on criteria set by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there are 3 factors to consider when installing beach-front lighting:

  • Keep It Low – Mount fixtures as low as possible and use the lowest wattage/lumens for the needed purpose.
  • Keep It Shielded – Fixtures must be downward directed and shield the lens from the beach.
  • Keep It Long – The luminaire must only produce long-wavelength light.

Successful turtle-friendly fixture installs

Like all WiLL lighting products, our turtle-friendly fixtures are ETL Certified, made in America, and manufactured in Wisconsin. In addition, WiLL’s in-house application engineering team can provide custom light layouts, photometric reports, and simulations upon request. Contact your WiLL account manager for more information.

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