Like all of our American-made lighting products and accessories, WiLL is committed to creating premium, reliable finishing solutions for our customers. Benefits and features of Wisconsin Lighting Lab’s in-house liquid paint finishing process, include:

  • Fade-resistant finishes for long-lasting quality
  • Salt spray testing based on ASTM standards
  • Standard 1-year finish warranty with extended options available
Download WiLL Custom Finishing Brochure (.pdf)

Precision Color Matching

To meet the needs of architects, engineers, and customers’ individual lighting projects, WiLL offers custom color-matching based on unique RAL chips and codes – creating thousands of color options to choose from. High and low gloss finish options further allow us to meet your specific needs and computerized matching eliminates the guesswork for nearly identical color replication.

Customized Decals + Graphics

  • Add branding to your site lighting structures
  • Durable + Weatherproof
  • Custom colors, fonts & sizes

Custom Finish Project Showcase

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