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Pro-Grade LED Performance //
Play Under The Lights

Low-profile design engineered to limit glare while providing even lighting across the playing surface.
Pre-aimed & tool-less access for simplified install.

Remote Power Management //
Easy Install + Maintenance

Accessible cabinets, intuitively labeled power equipment & terminal blocks make for easy installation & maintenance. Reduce both cost & downtime.

Sports Lighting Structures //
System Designed Poles + Cross Arms

Structural light pole experts. Engineered for your application. Retrofit or new installs.

Light Shows + Music + Color //
Energize Gameplay
Take your venue to the next level with factory-integrated wireless lighting controls.
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True Project Guidance + Factory Support

Light Pole & Bracket Experts

Pole manufacturing since 1973. In-house engineering. We specialize in applications involving light pole structures.

Factory-Direct Application + Product Support

From inception through install, our sales & application support teams will assist with your project every step of the way.

Guided Playing Surface Lighting Design

In-house lighting design team dedicated to ensuring proper lighting levels on your playing surface for your level of play.

WiLLsport KBX LED Light Fixture
WiLLsport KBX LED Light Fixture - Side Profile View
WiLLsport KBX Lighting Controls Box
WiLLsport KBX Remote Power Box
WiLLsport KBX LED Light Fixture Rack on Light Pole
Sport Lighting Pole and Cross Arm detail
Sport Pole anchor base footing detail

WiLLsport® KBX Lighting System

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Part Number Matrix


Product Family Design Performance
(Model = Nominal Lumens)
Color Temp Voltage Distribution Finish Color
WS = WiLLsport® KB4 = 4 Engine Chassis (Outdoor Wet) 470 = 60,000 57 = 5700K, 70 CRI RP = Remote Power/Drivers 5N = 25° Narrow Sport BK = Black Anodized (Standard)
KB6 = 6 Engine Chassis (Outdoor Wet) 630 = 85,000 578 = 5700K, 80 CRI MV = 120-277V 5N70 = 25°/70°Combo SV = Silver Anodized (Custom)
KB8 = 8 Engine Chassis (Outdoor Wet) 940 = 115,000 50 = 5000K, 70 CRI HV = 277-480V 45 = 45° Medium Sport BC = 2-Color Combo Branding Upgrade (Custom)
KB4A = 4 Engine Chassis (Indoor Dry/Damp) 360 = x2 WHITE + x2 RGB 40 = 4000K, 70 CRI CV = Custom 70 = 70° Medium Sport RAL = Custom RAL Match (Custom)
KB6A = 6 Engine Chassis (Indoor Dry/Damp) 520 = x3 WHITE + x3 RGB RGB = All RGB 5N45 = 25°/45°Combo
KB8A = 8 Engine Chassis (Indoor Dry/Damp) 715 = x4 WHITE + x4 RGB CT = Custom 5M = 100° Medium Sport
250 = x4 RGB CD = Custom
370 = x6 RGB
500 = x8 RGB
CW = Custom

Options & Accessories

Mounting Option Option Accessories
APY = Adjustable PreAimed Yoke WHP3NP = 2’ Cord w/o Plug, Stripped Pigtail SRG27720 = 20kA Surge Suppressor (Field Replaceable), 120-277V [Onboard KB4&6 Only] PTT = 2.38" OD Tenon Adapter
APYH = Adjustable PreAimed Yoke
(Hanging Config Below Crossarm)
WHP7NP = 6’ Cord w/o Plug, Stripped Pigtail SRG48020 = 20kA Surge Suppressor (Field Replaceable), 347-480V [Onboard KB4&6 Only] EXT = Extension Plate For APY
(Common For Back-To-Back Crossarm Apps)
SF = 2.38"" OD Slipfitter
(KB4 & KB6 Only)
WHP11NP = 10’ Cord w/o Plug, Stripped Pigtail SRG27710 = 10kA Surge Suppressor (Field Replaceable), 120-277V [Onboard KB8 Only] STUDL = 5/8-11x6", Grade 8, Zinc Yellow-Chromate Plated, Nut, Washer, and Lock Washer
TR = Trunnion Yoke
(KB4 & KB6 Only)
WHP15NP = 14’ Cord w/o Plug, Stripped Pigtail SRG48010 = 10kA Surge Suppressor (Field Replaceable), 347-480V [Onboard KB8 Only] PDH = Pole Top Power Distribution Hub
CM = Custom NAT = Natatorium Application (Wet Rated, 316 Stainless Hardware, Anti-Galvanic Corrosion Paste, IP67 Silicone LED Module, Anodized Aluminum Chassis) WGKB-4/6/8 = KB4 Wireguard (Common For Uplights, Wattage Specific)
SS-4/6/8 = Spill Sponge Louvers, Added Glare Management (Wattage Specific)
GC-4/6/8 = Glare Cup Beam Control (Wattage Specific)
CH = Safety Chain (Common for Arenas)
GFX = Wireless DMX Lighting Control System (Consult Factory)
GFM = Wireless Mesh Lighting Control System (Consult Factory)

Note: Custom products, configurations, options, and accessories available from factory.

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