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Graystone Quarry | Franklin, TN

Over 100 fixtures spread across 138 acres. Lighting buildings, parking lots, pathways and more!

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Venue Site + Area Lighting

The venue contains many areas for gathering with the primary area being a spacious 1½ acre plaza where visitors can also dine and browse merchandise.

Amphitheater House Lighting

A boutique amphitheater carved into a reclaimed limestone rock quarry that is a premier destination for special events + concerts.

Pole & Ground Mounted Pathway Lighting

Located on 138 pristine acres of a reclaimed rock quarry, Graystone Quarry contains a lot of pathway lighting for patrons to move about the beautiful facility.

Flood Parking Lot Lighting

Room for 7,500 concert attendees, which requires a lot of bright + safe parking. The main parking area is 1,100-FT x 600-FT and is lit from the perimeter.

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