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 The Ledge Games represent the opportunity for everyday people to live out that outdoor, lumberjack lifestyle you may dream about but don't live during the rest of the year. As a presenting sponsor, Wisconsin Lighting Lab supports The Ledge Games, the mission is supports, and the festivities it brings to the community.Since the first event in 2016, TLG has grown to feature both men's and women's divisions and 100 competitors. This year, the event will take place on Saturday, September 26th. 


The Event 

It's a day filled with beards, flannels, beer, swinging things, friendly competition and most importantly good people. When you compete in The Ledge Games events, you're in pursuit of a badge of honor worth bragging about for an entire year.

The events at TLG are designed for competitors of all sizes & abilities to compete. The events focus on both finesse & strength with a healthy mix between the two.

The Cause

The Ledge Games aren’t just a competition to show off your timber skills. The event also raises money to help make the community that we live in a better place.

100% of event proceeds each year go to support The Ledge Games Scholarship. This scholarship will make education more accessible & affordable for students focusing on engineering, manufacturing, and technology at Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Lac, WI.

The History

The Ledge Games are inspired by an event, that started in Red Cliff, CO called Man of the Cliff. They've been running in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado since 2009.

Members of the WiLL team started competing at Man of the Cliff in 2014, and had so much fun that they decided to setup an event in WI. Hats off + cheers to Man of the Cliff for doing it so well and backing an incredible cause, First Descents!


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