Made in Wisconsin Since 1973

Why it matters now more than ever. 

Here at WiLL, we are proud to be made in the USA. Even more importantly, we are proud that many of our products, from LEDs to light poles, are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Wisconsin. This may seem like a simple claim but when it comes to manufacturing, Wisconsin does it best. 

Manufactured in Wisconsin – There's a Difference

  1. Wisconsin’s manufacturing concentration is 87 percent higher than the national average. Coincidence? We think not. 

  2. 10,000+ Wisconsin manufacturers employed 470,000+ workers and contributed $56 billion to economic growth as of 2016. That’s a whole lot of skilled labor! We have the team and manpower to get the job done. 

  3. Industrial machinery ranks first among Wisconsin manufacturing jobs. We’re just one of the experienced industrial manufacturing companies that call Wisconsin home. 

  4. The state is receiving increased international recognition for its manufacturing expertise through investments from corporations like Haribo and Foxconn. Wisconsin’s manufacturing expertise is turning heads worldwide, and everyone wants in. 

Wisconsin Lighting Lab's history spans aluminum castings, metal fabrication and machining, electrical design and assembly, industrial finishing, and thermal testing. The business may have changed over time, but our roots are planted firmly in the ground.