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While our business might be lighting, our talents and interests go way beyond LEDs and light poles. A passion project turned real-life endeavor, the WiLL Brew Lab features a fully operational brew room that's known to produce a few custom ales. 

As part of the Lighting Campus opened in 2019, the Brew Lab welcomes friends, neighbors, vendors, customers, partners, and local beer enthusiasts to stop by, take a sip, and enjoy the brew.      

The Brain Behind the Beer

Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to the man leading the charge at the WiLL Brew Lab – Brewmaster Nick Puddy. As he crafts each batch of beer, Nick uses many of the same skills that make him a cutting edge Sr. Applications Engineer: technical knowledge, extreme attention to detail, and a scientific mindset. Just like each lighting application has its own unique considerations and features, each batch of beer brewed by Nick is carefully considered and of the finest quality.